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Craigslist platform helped to solve a robbery-murder case

Craigslist news is being shared via different platforms for the ease of visitors. You can now easily search all of craigslist by state regarding robbery issues, shot and murder cases and many more as well.

My very recent visit helped me to know about a robbery-murder case, where a body was found in a shallow grave. This case was quite impossible to solve, as there was no evidence at all. That specific dead body was found with wounds in head. A craigslist platform participated in it and showed an “online help-wanted ad”. After this specific placement, the FBI started its investigation and caught a guilty man.

According to the facts and figures, David Pauley was the man in shallow grave. He was 51 years old and found near the place where the body of another victim was found. There were total three victims who were actually found in such situations after murder. Two of them were shot in head. The investigators found a charged suspect who is only 16 years old but involved in these three murders. The court is still giving dates for its hearing.

Except this specific case, you can easily search all of craigslist with Google’s help.